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  • Amphibia: No more stretching your ear through the stream of the jet, this waterproof BlueDive speaker is like a fish underwater! Your playlist or morning information will reach you live from the shower thanks to 3W of sound.
  • Easy to use and autonomy: The BlueDive waterproof speaker is equipped with five intuitive digital controls: power, on/off and volume -/+ and Bluetooth. It also offers up to 6 hours of battery life to stay immersed in your music for longer. In addition, you can use the SIRI function from your shower.
  • A must-have accessory for those who always have a melody in their head. Melomans will no longer be able to separate from this BlueDive waterproof speaker. Everything is allowed with this ingenious device, even sing in the shower!
  • MODERN DESIGN: Discreet and stylish with this round and compact waterproof BlueDive speaker. It offers a contemporary finish with its glossy coating enhanced with a laser blue ring that blends into any design!
  • HYPER-CONNECTED: This waterproof BlueDive speaker that fits in a bag can be taken anywhere and anytime! It can even be attached to the dashboard of the car thanks to its suction cup and then connected in Bluetooth to your smartphone, computer or tablet.
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MOB BD-BB BlueDive Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with 6 Hour Battery Life IPX67 Hands-Free Kit