Tupperware Kitchen & Dining Green / Brand New Tupperware, Mini Max 950Ml - 265012
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Tupperware, Mini Max 950Ml - 265012

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About the product

  • The Mini-Max® is ideal for travel, whether you're hiking, on excursions, at the beach, or in the office.
  • You can take your favorite foods anywhere, and when you're done, just fold them up.
  • The Mini-Max® can be stored in your backpack to save space, and you don't need to carry bulky, empty containers with you. Perfect for salads, fruit, and more!
  • These bowls are also perfect for buying takeaway food, as they can be adjusted depending on the size of the portion. They are also practical for walks with your furry friend, to give him food or water on the go.
  • They are also suitable for storing food or leftovers in the fridge.


  • Do not fill it with food at a temperature higher than 60°C, as the container may become unstable.
  • Allow hot food (temperatures above 60°C) to cool before closing the bowl with the lid.
  • Be careful to close the lid without pressing down on the bowl when full, as the pressure may cause the base to shrink and the contents to spill.
  • Always clean the bowls when they are open so that no food residue gets stuck in the grooves.

How to use:

  • To open the bowl, first remove the lid, then press the arrow marks on the bottom with your thumbs as far as possible while pulling the edge up with your other fingers.
  • The opening should be made on a stable surface for greater convenience, especially for larger bowls.
  • Make sure the first ring at the bottom is pushed in first.
  • Then use your thumbs to pull away any remaining "creases" on both sides.


  • 950 ml


  • Ø 21.6 x 4.2 cm

Product Highlight


  • Space-saving: Thanks to its flexible material, the Mini Max can be folded so that it takes up less storage space when stored in the cupboard or after use.
  • The ideal travel partner: thanks to the spill-proof lid, they are perfect to take anywhere. The empty bowl hardly takes up space in your backpack.
  • Adaptable: Mini Max adapts to any content. Instead of pouring the reduced amount of food into a smaller bowl, you can simply adjust the container to a smaller size by pressing it gently. These small gestures save on washing, time, energy, and space occupation.
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