Honeywell Electronics Accessories Black / Brand New Honeywell, MK7120 Orbit Barcode Reader with USB
Honeywell Electronics Accessories Black / Brand New Honeywell, MK7120 Orbit Barcode Reader with USB
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Honeywell, MK7120 Orbit Barcode Reader with USB

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Orbit: is the all-time, best-selling hands-free omnidirectional scanner for a reason. Several reasons, actually. Let's start here: The Orbit 7120 scanner is innovative, elegant, and affordable with an award-winning design that is just the right fit for convenience retail applications where counter space is at a premium.

  • The Orbit scanner has an engineered: sweet spot: to optimize scan performance and first-pass read rate.
  • Retail operations can protect their POS investment with free firmware updates via Metro Set 2 software and a standard PC.
  • A built-in RF EAS antenna (Orbit 7180 scanner only) increases efficiency by simultaneously deactivating RF EAS tags and decoding barcodes.
  • A 20-line scan omnidirectional pattern provides aggressive scanning as an additional benefit to hand presentation applications.
  • An adjustable scan head enables users to tilt the scanner 30°: for targeted scanning of larger products.

If you are a retailer in need of an affordable, yet aggressive omnidirectional scanning solution that is aesthetically pleasing to boot, the Honeywell Orbit series is tough to beat. Orbit series scanners maximize your customers: satisfaction and employees' efficiency with a patented 20-line scan pattern, an easy-to-find sweet spot, and a scan speed of 1,120 scans per second. The Orbit series features an award-winning design that is compact, lightweight, and rugged. Its shape enables handheld scanning of large, bulky items. For added flexibility, the scanning head can be tilted within a 30-degree range to accommodate objects of various sizes and shapes. The scanner's expanded ability to update its firmware via Honeywell's free patented Metro Set: 2 configuration software safeguards long-term infrastructure commitments in the event of a change in the POS system or software.


  • Form Factor
  • Counter Top
  • Features
  • Built-In RF EAS Antenna
  • Automatic Scanning Operation
  • Aggressive Scan Performance
  • Adjustable Scan Head
  • Sweet Spot Scanning


  • Overall Dimensions
  • 10.5 x 10.2 x 15 cm
  • 4.1 x 4 x 5.9 in


Maximum Brightness

  • 4842


  • 60

Scan Pattern

  • Omni-Directional

Decode Capability

  • 1D
  • GS1 DataBar


  • 60

Scanning Range

  • Presentation (0 ft to 10 ft (0 mm to 255 mm))

Print Contrast

  • 35


Engine Type

  • 1D Laser

Host System Interface

  • KBW
  • USB
  • RS485
  • RS-232


Input Voltage

  • 5 V DC

Standby Current

  • 170 mA


Storage Temperature Range

  • 40 – 140 °F
  • 40 – 60 °C

Operating Temperature

  • 32 – 104 °F
  • 0 – 40 °C

Operating Humidity

  • 5 – 95 %
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