KitchenAid Kitchen & Dining Rose / Brand New / 1 Year KitchenAid 5KSM195PSEHI HIBISCUS 4.7L STAND MIXER
KitchenAid Kitchen & Dining Rose / Brand New / 1 Year KitchenAid 5KSM195PSEHI HIBISCUS 4.7L STAND MIXER
KitchenAid Kitchen & Dining Rose / Brand New / 1 Year KitchenAid 5KSM195PSEHI HIBISCUS 4.7L STAND MIXER


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  • This sumptuous KitchenAid Artisan 195 stand mixer incorporates all of our years of expertise to make every task a breeze.
  • Meringue, pastries, or icing: with your stand mixer, it's as if it's done! With him, you can bake much more than just cakes.
  • Puree potatoes, knead dough, chop the cooked chicken, or blend meatballs.

Versatile multi-function stand mixer

  • The KitchenAid stand mixer was the first model to feature a unique "planetary movement". But what does that actually mean? This means that its shaft rotates in one direction, while the attachment rotates in the other, for a much more homogeneous mix. The mixer rotates with a minimum of 59 contact points distributed inside the bowl so that all the ingredients are perfectly mixed.
  • Our stand mixer comes with a lot of accessories so you can make all kinds of creative menus at home. The pastry mixer has horizontal bars for cutting butter but also works as a classic mixer for blending and grating. You can also replace it with the included whisk for aeration, the dough hook for kneading, or the flexible edge beater for stickier preparations. It comes with a spatula to make it easier to clean the pastry mixer.
  • Select your attachment and the appropriate speed: 1 to mix gently, 2 to 6 to beat for a creamy texture, and up to 10 to whisk quickly. You can get whipped cream in less than 60 seconds (2). Impressive, isn't it?

A pleasure to use

  • Are you dying to start using your new stand mixer? No need to rack your brains with complex accessories and controls. The tilt-head design of this stand mixer makes your life easier. All you need to do is attach the bowl, insert the mixer of your choice, and tilt the head. Push the gear lever to start. It's as simple as that.
  • The included pourer/protector protects the stand mixer and work surfaces from splatters as you add ingredients to the bowl and mix them together, making cleanup a breeze! Relax and enjoy.

Small or large batches with the KitchenAid 4.7L food processor

  • With this multifunctional stand mixer, you have not one but two practical bowls at your disposal. So you can cook in larger batches or do two steps of a recipe at a time. Mix your batter in one bowl and beat your egg whites in the other!
  • The large 4.7L two-tone stainless steel bowl has a convenient and ergonomic handle. It can knead up to 2 kg of dough or mix 9 dozen cookies(3) in one go. The 3L stainless steel bowl is perfect for small preparations or allows you to add 60 (5 dozen) cookies to your current preparation, without having to start over. These are generous amounts to delight your guests or for family time. Who wants to take hibiscus empanadas again?

Built to last, over and over again

  • This superb robot combines efficiency and aesthetics. Like all our models, it is made from robust materials and is the result of over 100 years of technical expertise.
  • Made of cast metal, it is strong and sturdy. Its buttons are also made of metal. It comes with stainless steel bowls that don't hold odors and are scratch and stain-resistant. In addition, you get a 5-year warranty and a 15-year repair promise. It's ideal for peace of mind.

Inspiring accessories to broaden your horizons

  • Make any dish you've dreamed of or heard of, from gourmet sausages to fresh orange juice to your own veggie noodles. Simply plug the optional accessories into the versatile hub on the front of your stand mixer, and you're good to go.
  • A variety of versatile accessories are at your disposal to make everything from fresh pasta to diced salads, burgers, sausages, jams, and sorbets. All accessories to be attached to the electric hub fit every model of stand mixer manufactured since 1919. The only question is: which one will you try first?
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