Promate Audio Bronze / Brand New Promate, Transtune ANC Wireless Headphones With RGB - TRANSTUNE
Promate Audio Promate, Transtune ANC Wireless Headphones With RGB - TRANSTUNE
Promate Audio Silver / Brand New Promate, Transtune ANC Wireless Headphones With RGB - TRANSTUNE
Promate Audio Promate, Transtune ANC Wireless Headphones With RGB - TRANSTUNE

Promate, Transtune ANC Wireless Headphones With RGB - TRANSTUNE

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Extended Playing Time

  • Enjoy up to 40 hours of uninterrupted music, offering long-lasting performance for all your listening needs.

Advanced Active Noise Cancellation

  • Immerse yourself in music with our 22db noise reduction technology, perfect for eliminating ambient noise and creating a focused listening environment.

Innovative Flip & Fold Design

  • Crafted for convenience and portability, the headphones feature a stylish flip-and-fold design, making them easy to carry and store.

Seamless Music & Call Streaming

  • Equipped with the latest Bluetooth v5.3 and multiple profiles (A2DP 1.3.2, AVCTP 1.4, HFP 1.8), ensuring a stable and clear streaming experience for both music and calls.

High-Quality Sound Drivers

  • Featuring ø 40mm driver diameters for rich, high-fidelity sound, enhancing your listening experience.

USB-C Connectivity

  • Modern and efficient USB-C input port for convenient charging.

Optimized Acoustics

  • With a speaker frequency range of -20Hz-20Hz and an impedance of 32Ω ± 15%, these headphones deliver balanced and dynamic audio.

Fast Charging

  • Quick charging time of approximately 2 hours, so you're ready to go in no time.

Sensitivity and Noise Reduction

  • High sensitivity of 120dB ± 2dB with a noise reduction

Key Features and Comprehensive Specifications:

Extended Playback Time

  • Enjoy a remarkable 40 hours of playtime, ensuring long-lasting audio enjoyment.

Superior Active Noise Cancellation

  • With a 22db noise reduction capability, immerse yourself in your music or work without external distractions.

Innovative Flip & Fold Design

  • These headphones boast a practical flip-and-fold design, offering portability and ease of storage, perfect for on-the-go lifestyles.

Effortless Music & Call Streaming

  • Featuring advanced Bluetooth v5.3 technology and supporting profiles such as A2DP 1.3.2, AVCTP
  • 1.4, and HFP 1.8, these headphones provide seamless streaming for both music and calls.

High-Quality Audio Drivers

  • With ø 40mm drivers, experience rich and immersive sound quality that brings your music to life.

USB-C Charging

  • Modern USB-C input ensures fast and convenient charging.

Balanced Acoustics

  • A speaker frequency range of -20Hz to 20Hz and an impedance of 32Ω ± 15% deliver clear, balanced sound.

Quick Charging Time

  • Approximately 2 hours of charging gives you hours of playback, perfect for busy lifestyles.

High Sensitivity and Noise Reduction

  • Experience clarity with a sensitivity of 120dB ± 2dB and effective noise reduction of 22dB ± 2dB.

Versatile Playing Options:

  • ANC Off & Light On: 9 Hours
  • ANC On & Light Off: 8 Hours
  • ANC & Light Off 40 Hours

Long Standby Time:

  • ANC Off & Lights On: 8 Hours
  • ANC On & Lights Off: 43 Hours
  • ANC & Light Off 60 Hours

Battery Specifications

  • 600mAh Li-Polymer battery for extended usage.

Optimal Operating Distance

  • Enjoy a wireless range of 10-15m.

RF Output Power

  • <=20dBm for efficient connectivity.

Charging Cable Length

  • A convenient 30cm cable is included.

Dynamic RGB Modes

  • Features a breathing light mode for a stylish, vibrant look.


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