Tupperware Kitchen & Dining Black / Brand New Tupperware, A-Series Bread Knife - 266235
Tupperware Kitchen & Dining Black / Brand New Tupperware, A-Series Bread Knife - 266235
Tupperware Kitchen & Dining Black / Brand New Tupperware, A-Series Bread Knife - 266235
  • SKU: 266235

Tupperware, A-Series Bread Knife - 266235

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  • The Tupperware A-Series Knives are always within reach, hanging on your wall or stored in your drawer.  And it's always safe to reach for them, thanks to the new unique sheath-locking system.
  • These beautiful knives will provide years of effortless cutting, thanks to the super-sharp Excellence serration.
  • The ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand and will help you cut effortlessly. Impress your family and friends!
  • Japanese Stainless Steel: Tupperware A-Series Knives are Japanese-style knives, well-known to be lightweight, precise, and really sharp.
  • Smart Lock Sheath: Each knife features a notch on its handle to securely lock the sheath to the knife, which allows you to safely hang your knives and guarantees that the sheath will always remain in place.
  • Excellence Serration: A 3-step serrated blade allows for smoother cuts and fewer bread crumbs: Narrow serration for extra cutting efficiency, wave blade for smooth cutting, and straight tip to perfectly separate between cuts.


  • After each usage, we strongly recommend that you immediately clean the knives by hand in hot soapy water and dry them thoroughly before storing them.
  • Cleaning in the dishwasher is NOT recommended, it could damage the knife blade due to the aggressive washing agents that can attack stainless steel.
  • Always dry your knives thoroughly before storing them in a sheath or knife block.
  • Possible spots on the blade can be easily cleaned with stainless steel cleaner.
  • Never let the knife come in contact with other metal, ceramic, or glass instruments as this would damage the cutting edge.
  • Sheaths are dishwasher safe but do not put knives in the dishwasher, as detergent chemicals can damage and dull blades.
  • Use knives on plastic or wood cutting boards only; ceramic and glass cutting boards will dull blades.


  • Knife | 33.5 x 4cm
  • Sheath | 22 x 3.6cm
  • Knife & Sheath Assembled | 36.5 x 4cm
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