Tupperware Kitchen & Dining Purple / Brand New Tupperware, Ultimate Mixing Bowl 9.5L - 254122
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Tupperware, Ultimate Mixing Bowl 9.5L - 254122

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  • Until you have to clean up the mess! The ultimate bowl series helps you through all stages of meal preparation: it is a versatile utility that connects to a wide range of other Tupperware products, and the entire series is easy to use, store, and clean and has an amazing contemporary look.
  • These ultimate mixing bowls make life easy for you in the kitchen and simplify operations for you such as mixing, whipping, kneading, squeezing, filtering, baking, storing, and even serving.
  • The ultimate mixing bowls have liquid-resistant lids that continue to work even after repeated runs in the dishwasher. The bowls and lids are safe to use up to a temperature of 85? C and are suitable for storage in the refrigerator and on the go without any risk of leaks.
  • With the help of the measurement marks that appear inside the bowls, you can even measure ingredients directly into the bowl. All you have to do is put the ingredients into the bowl, close it with its airtight lid, and shake the bowl with your hands.
  • The bowls have a flat and stable base that keeps them completely stable for mixing and kneading, and their special internal texture reduces the formation of scratches.
  • The bowls can be combined with the 'ultimate lid' - the useful anti-splashing accessory that helps keep surfaces clean. And the result? Clean and organized preparation and baking than ever before!
  • Instructions for use
  • The ultimate series of bowls can be washed in the dishwasher or manually using a sponge or fine cloth, warm water, and a little dish soap.
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